Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Technical Difficulties

I know things around here look funny, and I'm not even sure all my readers can see this at the moment but hang in there with me folks!  I've got a couple people working behind the scenes to see if they can help me. I currently have limited computer access for a couple more days while we are on the next leg of our PCS journey. We should arrive in Arizona by Friday and hopefully by Saturday I can have this site issue resolved!

I'm not entirely sure what has happened except that I know I renewed my domain with Google and now my domain site is nothing but a big ad. Luckily, behind the scenes at blogger all posts are in tact -- which is better than the worst case scenerio I first feared.

So, in the mean time, keep posting your photo challenege link ups!  I know a few of mine are not showing right now but I will fix that this afternoon after my driving shift is over.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I promise 2012 holds amazing things for Raising Monkey, Loving Sarge and it's faithful readers -- but I guess we have to get through these hiccups along the way first. I'll make it worth your time to stick with me!

Thanks for understanding...

Signing off from Amarillo!


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